From the heart of the Author:

"You can live a life of true happiness by following your own heart or you can live a tragic life by living behind someone elses. Nothing in this world matters more than the life you live. So, live it. " -CPL.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Who have I become?
Where am I going?
Where did I go?

I'm so lost out here in this world
nothing seems to fit, every way I
turn the piece I'm still one short
and no matter what I say... I'm never enough.

My heart beats fast and sometimes slow.
It's a rhythm I've learned to step with
Why it even beats, I'll never really know.
But, I can't take this beat anymore.

I will take this road,
the dark one I say...
Maybe it's not so dark?
Maybe I just can't see.

My world, crushed.
My eyes, blind.
My heart, DEAD.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

what a strange way to love...

Sometimes We Fall.

I woke up tonight with a feeling in my bones

Something so fulfilling but overly strong.

A way of living I thought I would find,

But it was just your heart speaking to mine.

I hear the people say we’ll never be together,

But the stronger we love; the longer it’ll be forever.

Sometimes we fall so in love,

Sometimes we let our feelings grow.

And sometimes it doesn’t go right at all,

Then sometimes we fall.

I looked into the sky, maybe for a clue

As to what I’m supposed to do,

And I all I saw was the beauty I see in you.

I can’t let go, nor will I ever even try;

Because sometimes letting go,

Becomes the strongest goodbye.

Sometimes we fall so in love,

That nothing in the world means a thing

And that someone you love becomes your everything.

And sometimes we fall so hard that walking

Becomes a crawl,

Sometimes we just fall.

But, I know in the end

Where ever I shall call

You’ll be there to catch me;

When I fall.

Because sometimes we fall

And it’s completely okay,

Cause when it’s the one worth falling for

He’ll save you anyways.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rekindled Spirits.

Lately, I have enjoyed life;
pretty much the most I have ever in my life...

Jeremiah Glen Johnson,
I love you so much and I think
you are the golden touch to a lovely melody.
I am so glad to have you in my life.

I love you.
Always&Forever. (:

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dear little heart;

Sometimes I wonder what life is really for.
Although, I tend to live it as though it's for living.
Maybe there is something more.
Maybe there isn't.
It always seems like the more I want to do right,
I'm wrong.

Am I though?
I would think...
Loving something that isn't lovable,
Holding something untouchable,
Dreaming something unfathomable...

Sometimes I think that I will spend the rest of my life alone.
And I am content with that, only because
the ones I love- aren't the ones who love.

I think I will ground myself from those people,
sound funny?- correct.
Well, I need heart is longing for something that will never be there.

"These tears I shed seem so real
the cold force of gravity- on my face I feel.
Only crying to release something that isn't even there.
Trying to run into someone who really doesn't care.
It'll never be the same when your heart finally sets,
and you become a dream I can't forget."

Take it all away, I don't feel it anymore.

So, I've been having a really awesome time with life- lately.
I've met some people that have absolutely taken my heart away
AND I LOVE IT. I have been going way too fast and way too often.
It's time to settle down,
I don't want to live this way.

I want you to know,
that even though you deeply hurt me last night-
I will persevere and never back down; but away.
I wish I could be what you want in life, I really do.
I wish you would want me to be what you want in life.
[Life doesn't work that way, silly.]

Maybe one day you'll see,
until then- let it be.

Please have a fantastic week and remember
to always smile and love the day you're living in!

All my love; <3

Friday, September 18, 2009

Goddamn; that's hot.

Bright eyes,
Fancy wardrobe,
Stylish accessories,
Phenomenal hair,
Beating heart,
Brain eating music,
Goddamn, that's hot!

She brings on exhilaration.