From the heart of the Author:

"You can live a life of true happiness by following your own heart or you can live a tragic life by living behind someone elses. Nothing in this world matters more than the life you live. So, live it. " -CPL.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Who have I become?
Where am I going?
Where did I go?

I'm so lost out here in this world
nothing seems to fit, every way I
turn the piece I'm still one short
and no matter what I say... I'm never enough.

My heart beats fast and sometimes slow.
It's a rhythm I've learned to step with
Why it even beats, I'll never really know.
But, I can't take this beat anymore.

I will take this road,
the dark one I say...
Maybe it's not so dark?
Maybe I just can't see.

My world, crushed.
My eyes, blind.
My heart, DEAD.

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